Keyboard Lao

Sahtu Press is proud to announce that Custom Keyboards have arrived on the iOS platform. Along with millions of iPhone users, we have patiently waited many years for Apple to allow users to develop custom keyboards. The Android market has seen the release of Lao Keyboards in the past. Now that Apple has allowed custom keyboards, we expect the Apple App Store to be flooded with them as well. Our passionate friends, and family have banded together to put our hearts and souls into this app. We are happy to share our creations with you and hope that you find it as valuable as we have. If you have downloaded the app and found it useful, donating to our cause is tax deductible for you.

Kiwi Flashlight and Nightlight

Swipe sun or moon Down for ON/OFF. Swipe LEFT or RIGHT to change characters!

Our Kiwi Flashlight and Nightlight app has become a cultural phenomena. The wildly popular app now includes a clock for your convenience. We know that you need a high performance nightlight as you read yourself to sleep. Make sure you plug in your device to achieve maximum performance from the app.