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When you help support Sahtu Press, you are helping to support emerging writers publish their works. Within the Lao Diaspora, family and community is everything. We take pride in doing everything we can to help out our fellow neighbor, community member, or family member. Everyone in the community does their part in helping make the community a better place. You can do your part today by donating to Sathu Press. Our published works include novels, short stories and poetry pieces. It has always been our goal to help develop the skills of reading and writing in the youth of today. A child that reads is an adult that thinks. When you donate to Sahtu Press, you are helping give a child the necessary skills he or she will need to become a productive member of society, and a contributing member of the Lao Diaspora.

We need help from readers like you in amplifying the voices of Lao American Stories. Discovering writers from all over the country is a complicated, and costly endeavor. It takes time, energy, and money to discover, cultivate, and foster proper talent that deserves to be published. If you offer your support we can also continue with our mentorship and community workshops on creative writing and storytelling.

Today, we have decided to take it a step further.

We hope to make our workshops accessible to everyone stemming from the Southeast Asian diaspora. Your support will aid in creating digital courses that are designed to proliferate knowledge across easily accessible channels like the internet. By supporting Sahtu Press today, you will be helping to amplify the narratives of those who are often rendered invisible by the mainstream media.

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