Lina V releases new single, Batflo

Singer Lina V Luangrath, more commonly known on the scene as Lina V. was one of the Lao American performing artists at the 3rd national Lao American Writers Summit. She recently released her new music video titled “Batflo” that "examines various stages of a relationship through theatrical, comic book-esque visuals."

Born in 1989 in the Thai refugee camps she soon moved to Illinois, settling down with her family in Rockford. She began singing at 6 in church, and discovered she had a passion for it, soon performing widely. Lina holds a degree in classical and fine arts singing from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa. In 2006, Lina V began touring the country with Los Angeles based company “Elao Entertainment”

Her rendition of “Kuptoom Luang Prabang” on YouTube went viral and soon led to many other opportunities with Lao American organizations such as Laos in the House and Legacies of War. Today, Lina V resides in Los Angeles, California, and embraces her Laotian American roots to fuel her passion for music. Be sure to keep an eye on her, she's one to watch.

Sahtu Press