Today is Giving Tuesday! We’re really excited to celebrate philanthropy with all of our friends, family, and supporter from across the US and overseas. Since we began, it’s almost felt like an impossible but incredible dream.

At Sahtu Press, our work isn’t just about publishing books, but creating positive change in our community, challenging one another to imagine greatly and deeply about what can be. To celebrate who we are, and all of the different ways we can help one another and those less fortunate.

5 years ago we began with $8,944 dollars to fund “A Sticky Mess,” a retelling of the classic tale of Xieng Mieng. Even beyond bringing delight and joy to Lao families sharing the stories they grew up with, was the importance of what it set in motion.

We released a book of award-winning poetry, and successfully trained an intern on Lao American journalism. We helped numerous emerging Lao American children's book authors to learn about the process of publishing and what it takes to create a successful story. We’ve supported organizations such as Lao Heritage Foundation, Pom Foundation, Center for Lao Studies, Legacies of War, providing art and literature to bring more of their stories into deeper focus.


We’ve brought you amazing leadership programs that lead to things like the national Lao American Writers Summit in San Diego. We’ve done much of this on a shoestring budget, but we think you’ll agree we’ve been responsible and accountable as we work together presenting workshops, exhibitions and performances across the US including cities like San Diego, Fresno, San Jose, Richmond, Santa Rosa, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Sacramento, Merced, Modesto, Dublin, Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Elgin, Lowell, and more. We’ve even helped to build capacity overseas in Thailand.

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We’ve built a space for Lao American artists by actively presenting at events such as ZappCon, Silicon Valley Comic Con, WonderCon, Diversicon, Con-Volution, and HydraCon. We presented at the Oakland Book Festival, and many other gatherings around the country, getting people interested in the Lao American journey.

We’ve helped our writers get published both in the US and internationally, and they’ve been able to present at colleges across California and the US, continuing to mentor emerging Lao youth. For those who’ve worked with the poet Krysada Panusith Phounsiri, our youth now see it's possible not only to graduate college, but to be a B-Boy, to be a photographer, to be writer, and to build community. They see that they CAN participate. And that’s meaningful.

We’ve helped numerous Southeast Asian small presses and their authors find their audiences, as well as emerging entrepreneurs such as Green Papaya and Cooking with Nana, as well as the forthcoming documentary Origin Story with Kulap Vilaysack.

When you consider how much we’ve done for the community in five years on what has been essentially $150 a month, we hope you’ll consider donating again to help us continue our work in 2018. With the 45th anniversary of the Lao in America just 2 years away, we want to show the world the incredible stories you can find in our community. Your help today will make that possible!

Sahtu Press is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID 47-1513894). All contributions are tax-deductible.

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