2016 Water~Stone Review features Hmong, Lao writers

The newest issue of the Water~Stone Review was recently released fro the Creative Writing Programs at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

It's particularly distinctive for featuring the work of five authors with roots in Laos. The theme this year was "Paper Bones," inspired by a line from Bryan Thao Worra's new poem "An Exchange in Ukiah, CA, 2557" featured in this issue. The issue also features the work of the award-winning Hmong writers May Lee-Yang, Mai Der Vang, Kao Kalia Yang, and Soul Choj Vang.The cover is "Origins: Spirit of Eve," by Minnesota-based visual artist Bobby Rogers to honor Mitochondrial Eve. In the editor's introduction, they do a nice write-up of the Hmong literary journey over the last 40 years and the community's relationship to Minnesota. 

Their Annual Reading and Reception was Friday, Nov. 11 at 7PM at Kay Fredericks Hall in the Klas Center on the Hamline University campus in Saint Paul. There was a brief public reception after the reading.

Water~Stone Review is a literary annual. The review publishes work in all genres as well as essay/reviews and writers’ interviews. They publish emerging as well as well-known writers. Features include three contests and photography curated by students at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. The editors for this issue were Mary François Rockcastle (Executive), Meghan Maloney-Vinz (Managing), Katrina Vandenberg (Poetry), Sheila O’Connor and Mary François Rockcastle (Fiction), and Patricia Weaver Francisco (Creative Nonfiction) .

The name of the journal refers to the ‘Water~Stone,’ known in alchemy as the ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’ It "was composed of the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. The stone was supposed by alchemists to possess the property of changing base metals into gold, the most perfect of all metals. It was thought to combine within itself matter and spirit, or body and soul: a union of opposites in perfect harmony. Water~Stone connotes the dynamic, transformative power of literature, as well as the search for beauty and perfection at work in the hearts of aspiring writers. The logo type for Water~Stone is based on a hybrid of two ancient alchemic symbols: one for the amalgam of all elements, and the second for the element of water as a pure and dynamic force. The amalgam is a reference to the multi-genre, interdisciplinary nature of the creative writing programs at Hamline."

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