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Sahtu Press specializes in works by Lao American writers and artists.


Tell Your Stories With Sahtu Press

Sahtu Press acquires, publishes, and promotes high quality work from emerging and established Lao American writers or those working on an issue of interest to the Lao American community.

Our mission is to amplify voices of the Lao diaspora. We empower our community to share their stories with the world by offering community workshops on storytelling and creative writing for our writers, artists, and storytellers.

Sahtu Press was founded in 2013 and our first publications were limited-edition children’s books, including A Sticky Mess and Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers. Since then we have expanded our list to include novels, short stories and poetry—becoming one of the nation’s first Lao American-owned and staffed literary publishers.

Sahtu Press is committed to publishing work from Lao American authors of our time that not only delight and inspire readers but also enrich the cultural life of our community and literary heritage.  Our books celebrate the many authentic voices of the Lao American experience.

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Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers

A story of generational and cultural differences between mother and daughter.Endearing illustrations show Mahlee learning how differently Mommy did things as a child in Laos than she does in America. Mahlee loves doing everything with Mommy, but will she eat fried grasshoppers? A great way to inspire a conversation about childhood, culture and family history.

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Dance Among Elephants

The personal and historical are intertwined in Phounsiri’s energizing collection, “Dance Among Elephants.” Using a variety of styles, Phounsiri demonstrates his versatility bringing powerful memories and dreams together in a profound meditation of love and loss. Poems of his include “Street Masquerade,” “Elephant Dancer,” “Afterlife” and “Ode to Kao Niew.”


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