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Sahtu Press is honored to be a fiscal sponsor for the We Stand With Attapeu: Charity Concert in Seattle. 100% of the net proceeds will go directly to a trusted organization that is onsite (to be confirmed) and actively involved with the relief effort. Only donors who donated through Sahtu Press will be listed on this page publicly for transparency.

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Laos made international news Monday, July 23rd, when families and whole villages were swept away with the collapse of a hydroelectric dam in the Attapeu province. As the scope of the crisis became clear, Lao musicians across the US wanted to make a difference by hosting a charity concert in Seattle.  With a goal of $50,000 or more, the charity concert will be this September 8, 2018.  Funds will help residents of Attapeu get vital medical supplies, build new schools, and supply nutritious food to aid long-term and immediate reconstruction needs of the people of Attapeu. All net proceeds of this concert will go directly to families affected by this tragedy.


As we collect donations as a recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit in the US, our legal responsibility is to ensure the money goes towards accountable efforts and teams rebuilding Attapeu province. Rebuilding takes years and funding will be needed for both the short and long term. With this in mind, we ask for patience in follow-ups with the key people identifying the correct processes to most effectively assist those in need. As we get more accurate information on who best to work with, we will share this information with the public for transparency.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Read more about the devastation in Attapeu, Laos:


Please join us for the "We Stand With Attapeu Charity Concert" in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, September 8th, 2018 at Lucky Dragonz Club. (11819 Renton Ave S, Seattle, WA 98178) Doors open at 5PM.

Various musicians, community leaders and communities all over the US have partnered together to host a charity concert and raise funds to aid the relief effort in Attapeu province in Laos.


We are thrilled to have the following artists participate:

The Exile 
Peth Noravong (Vancouver)
Vieng Phavongkham (Vancouver)
Tic Chitpanya (TX)
Oley (OKC)
Sarky Mekmorakoth (CA) 

Chitpanya Band
Tic Chitpanya (TX)
Vandy Phengsykeo (TN)
Venus Ounvong (OKC)
Kris Rasper (TX)
Ohnz (FL)

Noom Sery Band
Bounpone Vathananonh (HO)
Bay Vathananonh (OH)
Tha Fantazy (FL)
Vinii Rattana (TX)

Noom Seattle Band
Panya Praseuth (WA)
Uodomsack thongoulay (WA)
Ting Souvannasoth (WA)
Mala Vorachack (WA)
Vixeuy Siricon (WA)
Boonyurk Khanhasa (WA)
Danny Phoenix (WA)
Josh Souvannakasy (WA)

The Green Room
Jaden Kawai (WA)
Steve Noumpoutai (WA)
Don Chittaphong (CA)
Sarky Mekmorakoth (CA)
Son Nguyen (CA)

Kong Sai Num Say Band
Kong (WA)
Met (WA)
SK Noumsulin (WA)

Happy Hour
Soukie Kawaii (WA)
Jaden Kawaii (WA)

Bohaln Band
Ya Phoulaiat (WA)
Goe Phoulaiat (WA)
Ketsana Phanivong (WA)

The Red Rose Band
Jhon Norawong (WA)
Ott Lecey (WA)
K Chanh (WA)
Souck (WA)
Vanh (WA)

Mix-R Boyz
Tia Sakda (WA) 
Young Ratsamy (WA)
Ton (WA)
Pouky Prasavath (WA)
Lex Sakda (WA)

Golden Knight Band
Tay Maly Nguyen (OR)
Alex Arswinh (OR)
Phouva Prasansouk (OR)
Noy Srila (OR)
Tj Phompakdy (OR)
Dokdeuan Thipsouvanh (OR)
Tiffany Farm Saelee (OR)

Also Attending
Cyrus Yang (CA)
Toui BB Gun (TX)
Mee Black Flame (CA)
James Chittaphong (CA)
The Fantazy (FL)
Kal Snow (FL)
Tic Norasingh (CA)
Jiep Phetsavanh (WA)
Pete Sakounkou (OH)
Kimmi Thai Tea (CA)
Lai Tai Suanmone (CA)
Lai Youttitham (Vancouver)
Lina Luangrath (CA)
Sam Chantpaphai (WA)
Mouky Phongoudom (WA)
Abe Chittavong (OR)
Kood Chitavong (OR)
Dao Meuang Neua (WA)
Ajarn S. Sengsirivanh (WA)
Noy Hut (OR)
Thavy Thammasouk Cheun (OR)
Yo (Wa)
Chan KSon (Wa)
Ting (OR)


  • VIP Table $1000 - (only 5 tables available) Includes priority, front row seating for ten (10) guests, one (1) bottle of Hennessy, and ten (10) autographed memorabilia concert t-shirts

  • RSVP Table $500 - Includes reserved seating for ten (10) guests and two (2) bottles of wine

  • RSVP Seat $50 - Includes a reserved seat (You may indicate in the notes section at checkout if you would like to be grouped/seated with other attendees purchasing reserved seat(s). Otherwise, seating will be assigned by the organizer)

  • General Admission - $30 (Standing room only)

Please Note:
Tables will not be available for purchase the day of the event.