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Authentic voices of the Southeast Asian experience.


Sahtu Press

Sathu Press is a leading publisher of the Southeast Asian Pacific Diaspora. We have a passion for discovering new Lao talent hidden throughout the nation. It is our mission to acquire, publish, and promote high quality literature that comes from both emerging and well known Lao-American authors, and others also working to promote the interest of Lao American Communities.  

As a community centered organization, our goal is to amplify the voice of the Lao diaspora for the world to hear. The people of the Southeast Asian country of Lao are incredibly persistent, and have many messages to share with the world. Our job is to provide a channel through which the Lao-American Community can tell their stories of displacement, isolation, identity crisis, reflection, hope and happiness. A community that works together, stays together! By providing community workshops on storytelling and creative writing for our writers, artists, and storytellers we are bringing the change we seek to see.  

2013 marked the dawn of a new beginning. The first publications released by Sathu Press were limited edition children’s books titled “A Sticky Mess” and “Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers”. We have come a long way since 2013, and have expanded our publications to include many novels, short stories, and poetry pieces. This has allowed us to quickly become one of the nations first Lao American-owned and staffed literary publishers.

Sathu Press has always been devoted to publishing literary works from Lao-American authors that effectively communicate the plight and voice of the Lao struggle. We hope to inspire and delight our readers with real stories that strike the chords of our emotional fibers. Reading and writing are skills that every community should help its residents practice. By encouraging, and assisting our community in the creation of literary works we are enriching the cultural life and literary heritage of the Lao-American Diaspora.

Our books celebrate the many authentic voices of the Lao-American experience.
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Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers

A mother with a Lao upbringing and a daughter with Lao-American values share their story of the generational and cultural differences between each other. The story is an overwhelming illustration which depicts Mahlee learning the traditional ways mommy lived as a child in Laos versus Mahlee’s own childhood in America. Mahlee is Mommy’s little girl, and does everything with Mommy. But will she eat fried grasshoppers? This book offers an avenue to keep Lao culture alive, and talk about the importance of family history, tradition, and childhood values.

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Dance Among Elephants

The Personal plight and Historical accounts of Lao Life are merged together in Phounsiri’s stimulating collection, “Dance Among Elephants”. By combining a multitude of literary styles, Phounsiri illustrates his multifaceted talents by delivering incredibly robust recollections, dreams, and aspirations together in a heartfelt collection of love and loss. Poems of his include “Street Masquerade,” “Elephant Dancer,” “Afterlife” and “Ode to Kao Niew.”


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